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Engaged Employees = Happy Workplaces

Simplified employee recognition leads to engaged employees, happier workplaces, and productive work days. 

Celebrate your people. Boost Employee Engagement.

Engaged employees are actively involved in their work, enthusiastic about, and committed to their organization. Simply thanking employees for a job well done is enough to inspire a culture of recognition across any organization. Gratitude is contagious. 

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Engaged Employees Affect Bottom Line

Employees who are engaged are more likely to stay with their organization, reducing overall turnover and the costs associated with it. They feel a stronger bond to their organization's mission and purpose, making them more effective brand ambassadors. They build stronger relationships with customers, helping their company increase sales and profitability. According to Gallup, organizations with highly engaged employees see a 17% increase in productivity, 41% fewer absences, and are 21% more profitable than their competitors. 

More Productive
Fewer absences
higher profitability

Employee Ideas Module

Employees are your number one resource. The ideas module was built to harness that by gathering valuable ideas and suggestions from those on the frontlines. British Airways, for example, launched a staff suggestion program responsible for saving them around $750,000 a year in fuel costs.

Rewardian’s employee ideas module allows employees to freely submit suggestions and managers to moderate, vote, and implement improvements.


Peer Recognition 

Enable employees with the tools to recognize and be recognized, not just from the top-down, but amongst peers. Peer recognition is one of the top reasons for employees going the extra mile.

Download: How to Engage Overwhelmed Employees →