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Financial services and insurance companies make up one of the world’s most important industries, contributing to more than 20% of global GDP and employing more than 8 million people domestically.

Employee Engagement Outlook: Financial Services

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Why and How To Implement Employee Recognition Practices in Financial Services

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Engaging and Empowering: Affinity Federal Credit Union’s Amazing 70% Program Uptake Story

Motivate and Reward Employees in a Growth-Driven Environment 

 As one of our most successful clients, Affinity has truly made the most of our platform to create unforgettable employee engagement programs. From engaging Bingo and Scratch-off games, to captivating photo contests, and well-being initiatives, Affinity has truly left no stone unturned.

Affinity FCU came to Rewardian with the objective of driving better employee experiences through its unique company culture and strong organizational values. What’s truly remarkable is how Affinity has grown their programs within our platform. They have taken our core principles and transformed them into something unique and special, all while delivering unparalleled value to their employees.

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Engaging and Empowering: Affinity Federal Credit Union Case Study

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